Hide Your Light - Bide Your Time LP

Hide Your Light - Bide Your Time LP



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To tell the story of Skydiggers is to tell the story of a thriving musical collaboration that was born in friendship and has abided with trust. Over the course of 15 studio albums and countless miles on the road, Skydiggers have grown from enthusiastic youngsters into husbands, fathers, and mentors. And while band members have changed over the decades, Josh Finlayson and Andy Maize remain its beating heart. With new collaborators bringing their unique musical histories into the circle, the sound of Skydiggers continues to evolve.

Their newest work, Hide Your Light, Bide Your Time (Latent Recordings), was recorded over a three-month span in 2022 at Baker Studios in Saanich, British Columbia. Hide Your Light, the first of the two six song collections was released on June 9, 2023, with the second collection of songs, Bide Your Time, slated for an October 13, 2023 release. The two albums will be released on a special vinyl edition out November 1.

Track Listing: 


My City is Gone

Hide Your Light

Muscle Cars and Sissy Bars

A Wednesday

Come to My Senses

Employee of the Myth

Just Another Lucky Day

One Song at a Time

Keep it to Myself

Whatever the Cost

Je T'aime Toujours, Mon Amour

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