The Barn Demos – CD and Writing Notebook


Cowboy Junkies

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Throughout the Spring of 2021 Margo and Michael got together in a converted barn located in Eugenia Falls, Ontario just a few miles from Margo's home in the Beaver Valley. During the day Michael would write and in the evening Margo would drop by and sing. This was the initial phase of developing the songs that would eventually make up the album Such Ferocious Beauty.


The Barn Demos – CD and Writing Notebook is a replica of the notebook that Michael used to jot down his lyric and music ideas as he built the songs and an eight song CD of unreleased acoustic recordings that Michael and Margo made during the process, and which includes two unused songs from the sessions. This is a special limited edition package for those who enjoy a peak behind the curtain.


CD song list:

Blue Skies

What Remains

Shadows 2

Throw A Match

What I lost

Circe and Penelope


Maybe It's Your Heart

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